Sunday, December 20, 2009

Same Look Different Style!!

Ok at the 2009 BET awards Amerie and Amber Rose was rocking the same Alexander Wang Pre-fall 2009 White Mini dress. Amerie chose to wear black zip down booties (A GREAT LOOK) while Amber Rose wore pink pumps with matching clutch!(ALSO A GREAT LOOK) Both are looking Fab!! But ummmm
I'm let you finish Amerie but Amber look way better in this dress! "Kenye shurge"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tip of the Month!! How to spot a Fake Purse!!!

Ok im going to pass this information on to you NOT from the goodness of my heart but because I AM sooooooo sick of seeing you "Barbies" carrying around these fake ass bags! Ladies here are some tips to tell if your bag is fake. The number 1 dead give away is: If you paid between $20 to $80 for it and its a nice size bag, baby you did not get a deal ok! If you got your bag from the flee market its not real! Ok now I know its some women that has every intent to buy the real thing but are being fooled. Here's some tips for you. All designer bags comes with serial numbers and/or style number inside bag. Not all manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. The serial number for Fendi purses can be found on the inside pocket. Now with that's said there are some vendors that have printed their own damn I.D. Cards but they look just as fake as your damn bag! Gucci includes a small leather tag on the zipper seam of the handbag which includes a serial number. The brand name or logo should be engraved, not embossed or simply printed on the hardware. You can also find the brand name of logo engraved on the strap hardware on Gucci, Fendi, Prada, and Chanel.  Take a good look at the stitching. There should be no loose or missing stitches, the color of the thread should match the main color of the bag and the stitches should be evenly spaced. If the handbag is leather, the logo should be engraved, not just printed on the leather. Whew!!! Now don't ever say Kellz didnt do anything for you. And you are welcome in advance!!

The Fashionist

Nicki Minaj & Amber Rose in Spandex!!!

Now im not a big fan of big girls in spandex but these ladies are BIG in the right places! Nicki Minaj on left is looking good in liquid tights and corset. While the always fab Amber Rose (on right) paired her tights with a cut off gym styled tank with gold jewelry! Behind the scenes of "America's Most Wanted".These ladies ARE definitely wanted!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mz Keri Baby YES!

Again Mz. Keri Baby working it in this bare back number!
Since she step on the scene she been doing her thing!!

Mizz Keri Hilson

Now I know this video kind of old but DAMN Keri wearing the hell out of that dress!                             Can you say superFly!!!!

MJB is a bad *shut yo mouth*

Mary have on a pair of boots that make you wanna slap your mama!
She's deep in the game and still making us fall in love with her. Mary is not only known for her heavenly voice she always keep us loving her style. I know I'm not the only one who wore black lipstick and shades after Waiting to Exhale! LOL Tell the truth!!! Keep doing it mama!

Lawd have Mercy!!!!

 Now she knows better than this! I'm a give her a pass because her babydaddy first cousin on he's daddy side told me she had been bump her head 2 days before she wore this! That's the only reason! LMMFAO!!!

Hot Hair n Make up to go along!

These women are trendsetters. These are some of the hairstyles in 2009 that had every woman telling her hair stylist to step her game up!! But check out Rihanna's make up! It's flawless. I am a make up fanatic. Deep eyes and very pink lips is a must!

Trend Alert!!!

High thigh boots are in!!! Hell I  been wearing them but the celebrities are going crazy in them. Here are some of  the hottest boots this season.

Amerie girl I love them!!! Matter of fact I love the hold fit girl!!!

 Ashanti is definitely murdering them in these!!

Rihanna is Rated R in these boots! Love them!!

The Ugliest Shoes ever made!!!!

Now somebody should of told this lady NOT to leave the house like this. I'm goin to slap her on sight. Now I' ve found a picture just for you. O yes do thank me now!! You are more than welcome!

Your feet should look like this to wear boots like that!!! Bahahahahahahahahah

4 Damn Fools

Lord have mercy!  Lil Mama on the left looking like Tinkle Bell. You know you ran all the way out AGAIN! Audrey girl your dog looks better than you. Mariah just give it up sweetheart you're old. Lady Gaga..........ummmmm never mind!

Nikki Minaj

Nikki girl work it!! You look great at the awards. Now I'm going to save the 106 n Park comment for later! But you are glamming right here!  Just one question do you wear butt pads or is that real? MUAH back at ya!!!

Awww hell no Beyonce!

Now B you to cute for that! Why in the H-E-double hockey sticks you didn't touch that up! SMH!!! Girl you get a major deduction for that one. And you wonder why you gotta watch out for Rhianna taking your man. Fashion Rule #1 all visible hairs excluding your head should be demolish!!  When in trouble No stuble!

Pharrell Artists Looks Good!

 Do you remember the skate board chick with the the big ass afro Teyana Taylor that Pharrell signed? Well check this pic out it's a total do!! Ms. Taylor talk about stepping ya cookies up! Whew! And the hair is a DO. I like this a lot better ,and your girls look nice in that dress NO HOMO!!  How you doing? *in my Wendy Williams voice. LOL

Sarah Jessica Parker

*Sigh* Mz Parker Mz Parker. You are a fashion icon. Never do I see you trying too hard. You are just one of the few people that knows what to wear and how to wear it! Check out this dress. Now Check her foot work!! Yeeeeeessssssssss!!

Pharrell Custom G-Shocks

Pharrell Custom G-Shocks

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Lil Wayne Look When he comes home!

Ok i'm a really really big fan of Lil Wayne but I wonder when he goes to jail if he's going to have to cut his hair. If so how would he look!! Lol now he's not the best looking man. BUT since he started those dreads I must admit he looks a little sexier. So this is a picture of how he's gonna look when he cut his dreads! LOL

Jenny Going Ham!!

Ok WTF!! Jenny from the block got going on.....Give me a minute..........bahahahahahahahah. She look a hot mess! And I don't care how much she paid for the fur. I don't know whats going on Jen but honey please STOP!

iVillage | Beyonce: Nice! - iVillage

iVillage Beyonce: Nice! - iVillage ok now B. I must say she really has a style of her own!!! I like!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Change!

Ok after a long thought process. I have come up with some ideas to make this blog stand out. I feel that you can pick up ANY magazine an get great beauty tips. So I've decided to go beyond that! Me being a bright and funny young lady *wink* I feel I can more than achieve this task. So ladies hold on to your eye lashes as I take you on an colourful, glossy, and shiny journey through the glitz and glam known as the world of fashion!!

The Fashionish

Basics are a MUST!!!!!!

Every woman should keep some basics in there wardrobe! Keep these things because you can always mix and match with your favorite pieces!!! Examples of  some of these items are that little black dress, a nice pair of black pumps, at least 4 pairs of jeans. Now with the jeans you can dress them up or dress them down. Ex a pair of ripped jeans ,a nice white cotton t shirt ,and a blazer along with the right jewerly and great pumps can be worn to a big Chirstmas party for your job. Trust me the office cutie is gonna want to take YOU to the after party!!!! Another must have is a nice coat. TIP! Surge on your coat because a nice coat can last you for years! A few cotton shirts in different colors and you got yourself a great basic wardrobe!!!   

First things first!!

Ok now a gotta touch on something that pluck my nerves. False nails now hold on I HAVE worn them but never 5 inches long!! Ladies the whole point of fake anything is to enhance!! They are suppose to look natural not to look like a darn cat. Lol. So if you decided to wear them try this. Let the nail tech do what they feel! Now with that said thats IF you trust your nail tech! Ladies just remember your nail tech is or should be an artist and your nails are blank canvases! Let them express how they see you!

The Fashionist

Welcome to my world of fashion

Greetings world. I'm Kellz and I'm addicted to fashion! Lol. This blog will be an outlet of my view on da fashion world. Brace yourself as I give you the raw details on todays trendings and yesterdays fads!